Driving Lessons

Learning to drive is a wonderful milestone to gaining your independence and obtaining your driver’s license is a life skill. Commencing driving lessons with a professional driving instructor is always the best way to start. With professional driving lessons, you are sure to be taught the correct way.

Toby’s Driving School are fully experienced with a Certificate IV Licenced Driving Certificate. Providing driving lessons with patience and focused on the student’s individual’s needs. Driving lessons are taught with Toby’s modern 2018 model vehicles that are equipped with the latest technology,  giving you the option of Manual or Automatic driving lessons.

Lessons can be organised so that you can to be picked up and dropped off at an address within the area of operation. Conditions may apply and you will need to check with the instructor when booking.

What You Will Learn

Toby’s Driving School teaches students to be cautious but confident and safe drivers. Students are taught to be vigilant, responsive to hazard on the road and all the aspects of driving that they will need for the driving test and to be safe on the road.

In the Practical Driving Test, you will be required to perform many tasks including:

  • Three point turns
  • U-turns
  • Hill starts
  • Demonstrate difference types of parking
  • Turning right at Traffic lights

By having professional driving lessons from the beginning will ensure that you learned the right driving technics and avoid forming bad, unsafe driving habits.

You are required to have the correct driving technics and to be confident with the skills required to pass your Practical Driving Test (PDA).

Types of Driving Lessons

Toby’s Driving School caters for all types of car driving lessons and provides instruction for both manual and automatic cars. One hour, 90 min and 2 hour lesson are available. 

Learn to drive lessons.

Single or Multiple booked driving lessons.

Driving Lessons for anyone with a valid WA learner’s permit who want to learn to drive. Manual or Automatic. Booked as required by the student using the driving school car. You can also use your own car if you like but only after the instructor is satisfied that it is safe to use a car without duel control.

Lesson plus Test combination.

Consists of an hour driving lesson prior to the student commencing the driving test (PDA) followed by the actual driving test, using the Driving school car. This service can also be provided using the student’s own car. Pickup and drop off included within a reasonable distance from the test centre.

PDA Driving Test Only.

No lesson prior to your PDA Test but using the driving school car. Pickup and drop off included within a reasonable distance from the test centre.

Automatic to Manual Driver’s License conversion.

Converting an Automatic license to a Manual driving license. We have the latest 2018 models of both Automatic or Manual and we are able to adapt and teach for the appropriate license you require.

Experienced Drivers – PDA Preparation

Experienced drivers who need preparation to redo a Practical Driving Assessment in order to regain their Driver’s License. We can coach you back on the road.

Overseas Driver’s License Conversion

If you hold an international driver’s license that is not recognized by Australia you are required to pass a Practical Driving Assessment to obtain a Western Australian driver’s license. If English is not your first language we will do our best to overcome that during the lessons.

Toby’s Driving School Driving Lessons

Toby’s Driving School provides friendly and patient driving lesson focused on the individual. We do not overbook therefore it is not a rushed affair.

Book your driving lesson with Toby’s Driving School today on 0499 601 816

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