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Professional Driving Lessons from a Fully Experienced, Cert IV Licensed Driving Instructor.
Quality Driving School with Modern Dual Control Cars Equipped with
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One of the milestones of gaining independence is to obtain your driver’s license. Toby’s Driving School’s objective is to produce safe, confident and responsible drivers and at the same time recognise the need of the student to past the driving test. Our goal is to achieve both.

At Toby’s Driving School we provide friendly and patient driving lessons focused on the individual. We do not overbook therefore we have time for your individual need whether you are a teen, adult or person from another country who needs a refresher before sitting your driving test.

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Driving Lessons

Students are taught to be safe, cautious but confident drivers. To be observant and responsive to hazards on the road.
They are also taught what to expect during a practical driving test such as parking, three point turns, U-turns and hill starts.
Using professional driving training from the onset will ensure correct driving technics and preventing bad driving habits being formed which is not just unsafe but also unacceptable during our Practical Driving Test or PDA.

Toby’s Driving School Driving Lessons

Manual Driving Lessons

Manual driving lessons in late model dual control vehicles in the greater Bunbury area. We teach students at all levels of experience from complete novice to experienced. We also provide lessons to Automatic Car license holders who want to upgrade to a Manual Car license.

Toby’s Driving School Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic driving lessons in late model dual control vehicles in the greater Bunbury area. We teach students at all levels of experience from complete novice to experienced.

Toby’s Driving School -  driving lessons focused on the individual

Overseas License Conversion Lessons

Toby’s Driving School provides driving lessons to holders of international driver’s licenses from countries who’s drivers license’s are not recognised by Australia and is required to pass the Western Australian Practical Driving Test to obtain a WA Drivers License.

Toby’s Driving School Driving Lessons - Overseas Drivers License Conversion

Range of Students

Toby’s Driving School caters for student of all ages and driving ability from complete novice to persons who have to redo a practical driving assessment due to an expired or cancelled driver’s license.


Toby’s Driving School is fully licensed, our qualified driving instructor is ready to teach you how to drive safely, confidently and to pass your PDA (Practical Driving Assessment).

Call Toby on 0499 601 816 to book your lesson today.

Bunbury, Australind, Leschenault, Kingston, Treendale, Eaton, Millbridge, Dalyellup, Gelorup and Capel PDA and PDA Prep lessons is offered in Harvey and Donnybrook.

5 days a week, Monday to Friday.